Building on the best of North Carolina.

Here We Grow is an initiative led by the North Carolina League of Municipalities and its 540 members. This initiative is based on a simple, powerful idea: when each of us does better, we all do better.

It all starts in hometowns across North Carolina—where investments in streets, in water and sewer systems, in historic revitalization, in parks and other amenities, and in downtown redevelopment are creating jobs, fostering business expansion and improving the quality of life. It’s where business owners and municipal officials are working hand-in-hand, at the ground level, to clear a path for prosperity. The result is a stronger economy and more opportunity for every citizen in the state.

This is an important story. So we’re empowering cities and towns to tell their own, unique version of it. Doing so, we want to ensure that North Carolina cities and towns continue to have the tools, the resources and the freedom to pursue their visions of the future, and that North Carolinians know about their city or town’s contributions to the state’s economic success.

Countless reasons to live, work & thrive in NC. 540 hometowns coming together to keep it that way www.herewegrownc.org

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What's Your Story?

Has your city or town made or facilitated investments to attract new businesses, encourage retail expansion or create good-paying local jobs? Tell us your story, so we’ll make sure it’s featured in our ongoing campaign.

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If you’re a member of the North Carolina League of Municipalities, please login to access the below Here We Grow Resources and share your story. Find directions on how to obtain login credentials here.

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