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American Rescue Plan in Action: Angier Leverages Funds, Partnerships to Meet Growing Needs

Angier, NC
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Angier has an infrastructure need and an existing partnership to make it happen. 

Town of Angier

Funds Received: $1.72 million
Population: 5,265


  • Increase sewer capacity



  • Provide the necessary infrastructure to support the community’s rapid growth by focusing on critical service line: sewer capacity
  • Partner with Harnett County
  • Leverage additional money appropriated in state budget to complement ARP funds


Angier has seen approximately a 30 percent population increase over the past 10 years. That level of growth provides opportunities in regards to economic and community development; and it also brings challenges, as the municipality works to meet increased service needs. If there’s one thing local governments do, it is provide the infrastructure needed for communities to succeed. That is Angier’s goal, too.

Receiving more than $1.7 million in American Rescue Plan funds, Angier has made plans to invest in its sewer capacity. It is one of the most pressing needs of the area, and Town Manager Gerry Vincent estimates that Angier has fewer than five years left before its present capacity is exceeded. “We’re running out of capacity,” Vincent said. “We know that based on our growth.”

Presently, sewer service is provided by Harnett County through an agreement with Angier, and this additional investment will proceed through that same partnership. More than 1.25 million gallons of additional capacity is needed to meet Angier’s estimated growth, according to Manager Vincent, and that investment will cost approximately $8.75 million. Angier plans to leverage a few funding sources for this investment. In addition to the local ARP funds, Angier received $10 million of North Carolina’s ARP funds, appropriated by way of the 2021 state budget and to be spent towards water and sewer infrastructure projects.



Prioritization. Infrastructure needs take centerstage, especially for a growing community. Manager Vincent expects most, if not all, of the town’s APR distribution to fund this sewer expansion.

Partnerships. As seen throughout the state, funding goes further when partnerships are formed. It also allows for streamlined administration of funds. While the exact means of sewer capacity expansion have yet to be determined, the existing partnership allows both Angier and Harnett County to pursue the most efficient route for that investment, whether that be the simple purchasing of additional capacity or an expansion of the county’s facilities.


February 11, 2022