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Blowing Rock Lays the Groundwork

Blowing Rock, NC
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Three infrastructure projects will ensure that Blowing Rock is prepared for the future.

BLOWING ROCK, NC – Oct. 2019

To support future planning and economic development efforts, Blowing Rock has placed a tremendous emphasis on water and sewer infrastructure improvements. Three projects demonstrate that commitment.

The flagship of those plans is the Sunset Drive Infrastructure and Streetscape Project. Costing $2.6M, this effort consists of street and utility improvements along Sunset Drive from Main Street to Valley Boulevard. Work on the project began in the spring, and has included new water line, a replaced sewer line, new fire hydrants , and new service taps. The existing water and sewer lines date back to the 1950’s and 1960’s, so the updates will be necessary for further business development in the area.

“The replacement of these main lines and taps are crucial to functionality of one of the main business corridors in the Town,” said Town Manager Shane Fox.

The streetscape phase of the project will include the removal of existing surfaces, and asphalt paving the entire length of Sunset Drive. New concrete drive aprons, new sidewalks, and traffic striping the entire length of Sunset Drive will complete the project, which is estimated to be done November 2019.

Next is the Sourwood Lane water line plan, a commitment towards the replacement of approximately 5,000 linear feet of water line. The Town will also replace 12 stack stone manholes and widening of the street in certain locations is also included, as well as conduct new asphalt and ditch work. The project is also scheduled to complete this autumn.

Finally, Blowing Rock will also replace the water line on Heather Ridge Lane. Unlike the other two infrastructure projects, this project was completely conducted by Town staff. The project consisted of the replacement of approximately 300 linear feet of water line. This project marks the first time in recent memory that the Town Public Works department has installed a complete water line replacement to a residential service area.

“The Town of Blowing Rock is fully committed to providing the very best in service to all of its residents, business owners and stakeholders,” said Fox.

In total, Blowing Rock will replace 6,800 linear feet of water line and 1,200 linear feet of sewer line. As the Town moves into the year 2020, further importance of planning and prioritizing the infrastructure needs will continue.