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Boosting Siler City’s Job Growth and Economy

Siler City
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On May 5, 2016, Mountaire Farms announced it was expanding to Siler City, bringing jobs and an economic boost to the city.

Landing a commercial partner like Mountaire Farms is just what Siler City needed after experiencing increased unemployment during the Great Recession. The investment will provide a significant path to recovery and future growth – more than 500 jobs are planned for the acquisition and expansion of the former Townsend Processing Plant in Siler City into a modern, state-of-the-art poultry processing plant.

Siler City routinely works to identify which properties are ideal for commercial partners to utilize. Further, Siler City made significant investment in its water and wastewater infrastructure to enhance its ability to serve large utility customers like Mountaire Farms – and they aren’t stopping there, city officials are planning additional infrastructure improvements to expand processing capacity, increase operational efficiency, and mitigate environmental impacts. Securing the Mountaire Farms expansion was a joint effort brought together by the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation, comprised of the Town of Siler City, Chatham County, Central Carolina Community College and the State of North Carolina. The group knew that its efforts and the availability of incentives would yield results. 

Mountaire Farms is a staple among North Carolina’s food manufacturing and $5 billion poultry industry. This expansion reinforces the company’s increased demand, and as President and CEO Paul Downes put it, “we believe North Carolina is the perfect place for that growth. Mountaire has a deep rooted commitment to quality, service, and value and we look forward to growing our business in North Carolina and strengthening the ties we have with the local communities.”