A Decade of Work Realized in Greenville

August 10, 2018

With more than a decade of planning, 22 months of construction, $8.4 million and the cutting of a ribbon, leaders said public transportation in Greenville has taken a massive step forward. Hundreds of supporters, stakeholders and facilitators gathered in the blistering sun Wednesday morning to open the G.K. Butterfield Transportation Center in the city’s booming Dickinson Avenue corridor. Buses will begin using the facility today. The center’s namesake, U.S. Rep G.K. Butterfield, who was honored on behalf of his efforts to secure state and federal grants responsible for a majority of the center’s funding, told guests its construction is evidence of a joint effort and dedication to the city’s future. “You see today is not about me, as tempting as that may be, it is about the citizens in Greenville, their quality of life, and their future,” he said. “This project demonstrates that we have visionary leadership in Greenville, not just elected officials but city staff, past and present, who understand the importance of enhancing Greenville’s infrastructure and planning for the decades to come.”



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