Aberdeen’s Budget Maintains Tax Rate, Prioritizes Aesthetic Improvements to Downtown

May 10, 2017

New landscaping, decorative crosswalks and other aesthetic and practical enhancements to the downtown Aberdeen area are emphasized in a revised list of capital improvements the Town Board considered on Monday. Notable changes include more funding towards renovations of the Aberdeen Lake Park Trail that will allow the project to be completed in the coming year, and a substantial bump up for the Downtown Master Plan improvements. If approved as presented, specific downtown projects include landscaping and pedestrian improvements along South Street and around the Post Office, work on Talbooth Street to correct drainage issues and improve parking, the addition of decorative brickwork at key crosswalk intersections, and improvements to the railroad crossing for safety and accessibility. The budget also includes funding to install more gateway signs, similar to signs on N.C. 5 and U.S. 15-501. “Most of these projects come from previous research and plans. We are trying to plug in these long term documents,” Sabiston said.


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