Banners welcome Wilson visitors

September 12, 2018

After months of behind-the-scenes design work, historic downtown Wilson debuted new banners recently that exemplify the area’s tagline: Crossroads of charm and innovation. “More than anything, the banners serve a purpose,” said Susan Kellum, downtown marketing and communications coordinator. “They are not just pretty banners. They also help visitors find more information about the town and we have a lot of visitors now.” Previously, the downtown district had banners that were hung in 2013 and lasted about five years. Kellum said she started the process of designing and ordering replacement banners about six months ago, eventually spending less than $6,000 on 50 banners. The four designs, each including a whirligig and a streetscape, span a six-block stretch of Nash Street. “We wanted to reinforce our #DowntownTurnaround campaign while highlighting the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and some of our streetscapes,” Kellum said. “Our tagline is the ‘Crossroads of Charm and Innovation,’ so the streetscapes give a nod to the charm of our historic buildings while the whirligigs give a nod to our future based on art and innovation.”



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