Benson Board Gets Economic Development Plan

July 3, 2017

A facilitator from North Carolina State University’s School of Government presented the Benson Board of Commissioners the completed economic development strategic plan during the board’s regular meeting. Jeff Diebold, speaking on behalf of all the facilitators who assisted on the cooperative project, outlined the results for commissioners. “The document outlines the procedures and policies we recommend that Benson pursue the expected growth coming over the next 10 to 20 years,” Mr. Diebold said. Input and data used in the development of the plan came from the board, residents and town officials through a series of town hall style meetings. Each meeting focused on a different element of the plan. The final presentation used what town manager Matt Zapp characterized as a broad-stroke effort to give commissioners something to work on and build upon over the coming years. “These are pretty lofty goals, almost like catching clouds,” Mr. Zapp said. “So (we need) a structure to (guide you) where you want to go or how we’re going to get there.”



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