Benson Goes To The Dogs

February 2, 2018

“Today is a great day for the local businesses that exist at Exit 79 and the visitors that frequent our exit,” Mayor Jerry Medlin said. “As we open the Benson Dog Park, many people and pets will be impacted by this improvement.” According to Town Manager Matt Zapp, the new park is estimated to help bring as many as 400 additional visitors to the Johnston County town. This is something that was always in the minds of town leaders when the project was being discussed. Several times over the course of the project’s development, Mr. Zapp and other town staffers referred to the number of travelers who bring their pets along and who need a place for them to stop and take a pet break. Mr. Zapp estimated as much as $35,000 in local revenue could be brought to Benson annually because of the park and hotel, which will be pet friendly and have a connecting entrance to the dog park. The mayor called the project a boom for all businesses associated with the area.



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