Benson Hotel Will Soon Break Ground

November 29, 2016

When you spark a conversation about the reasons for locating the Hampton Inn and Suites at the Benson site, you get a sense that developer Adam Leath was excited by the location itself, the Town of Benson and the people of the area. He gives one a sense of a person confident of the future of the area and the town. “When we saw the receptiveness of the town and how willing they were to work with us versus other larger localities where you get bogged down in the planning process and the approval process, that was something that weighed very heavily on our decision,” he said. “It seemed it would be much easier to work with them because they’re very receptive to growth and intentional growth.” To the layman, the number seems impactful to the economics of Benson and the surrounding area. Mr. Leath agrees wholeheartedly. He says the area should reap plenty of rewards. At the top of the list are the most obvious. Local businesses such as restaurants, stores and the downtown area will all see the benefit.


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