Cary Wants to Grow, But Can’t Grow Out, Must Go Up

August 1, 2017

A new, three-story, brick and steel office and retail building sits along East Chatham Street ushering people into Cary’s revitalizing downtown and a new era of growth. The building is part of Mid-Town Square, a development that mixes the old with the new. Next door, the nearly 50-year-old Mid-Town Shopping Center has recently been given a facelift, attracting new tenants like Bond Brothers Beer Co. and bringing people downtown daily to enjoy beer, pizza from nearby Pizzeria Faulisi and more. Town officials believe this is just the beginning. “You’re going to see downtown become much more – I’ll use the word – urban,” said Ted Boyd, Cary’s downtown development manager. “I think we’ll continue to see those new food and beverage type places coming downtown, which people want. But really, the big change is going to be the vertical development that is happening.”



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