Changes to Downtown Pilot Mountain Being Planned

January 26, 2018

Mayor Dwight Atkins started off by saying, “What I see now is a town that is very automobile-oriented. It’s probably been that way since the street was paved. More of a pedestrian thing is a portion of my vision. That, and branding with the park (Pilot Mountain State Park).” Commissioner Evan Cockerham stressed his interest in attracting the younger generation, saying studies have shown they prefer a renovated downtown to shopping malls. “Make it walkable,” said Commissioner Gary Bell. “We can’t make it look like Disney World in two or three years. We’re not a tourist town. We’re not a business town. We’re a small town with a mountain sitting in our backyard.” Bell added that he had talked to people from all over the country — New York, Texas, Seattle — and they had all heard of Pilot Mountain. “They know where it is,” he said. “But they don’t stop. We’ve got to give them a reason to stop. It’s all about restoring instead of tearing down.”



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