Company expansion nets 44 new jobs, $4M

October 19, 2018

An Albemarle company is expanding its operations with the addition of 44 new jobs and a financial investment of more than $4 million. Enforge, a subsidiary of Angstrom – USA Automotive Group, announced Thursday the expansion of manufacturing operations at its Albemarle facility. “Enforge is excited to expand its current business in Albemarle,” said Rajneesh Banga, Angstrom vice president of finance. “As Angstrom is experiencing significant growth, we selected Albemarle as our first preference to launch this business due to availability of stable skilled workforce and pro-business environment which North Carolina offers.” In addition to recruiting new industry, economic development leaders have been increasingly committed to retaining and expanding existing businesses. “An important part of economic development is the retention of local industry,” said Ronnie Michael, mayor of Albemarle. “The City Council of Albemarle and its employees stand ready to help our local business and industries grow with our abundant and reliable utilities and services.



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