Concord Budget Looks to Growth, Future

June 7, 2017

The name of the game this year is growth—that and planning for the future. With more and more people flooding into Cabarrus County and Concord in particular, the city has set things in place to prepare for increased services in the coming year and beyond. From hiring new people to updating and maintaining equipment, the city manager’s $246.6 million recommended budget has an eye on short-term goals for long-term success. “The overriding guides to this budget is really a lot of the master planning, mast plans that either have already finished—the downtown master plan, parks and recreation master plan, our water master plan—those that are underway like our land use plan and our wastewater master plan, and then also we’re just staring doing an update to our airport master plan,” City Manager Brian Hiatt said. “With all the growth going on, obviously there’s a lot of planning going into that.”


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