Convention Center Shows Value of City Investment

September 27, 2017

The success of the Greenville Convention Center clearly demonstrates the positive impact that direct municipal investment has on the city’s economy and the pocketbooks of its residents. Three statewide gatherings hosted by the center this month are the most recent example of the impact the city’s investment has had on the economy. Conventions held last week by the N.C. League of Municipalities and the American Public Works Association and one coming this week by the state chapter of the American Planning Association account for 1,125 visitors with expected revenues of $810,000, including money spent for accommodations, meals, fuel and shopping. Over a two-week period, that’s more than $58,000 daily infused into the economy. Over a year, activity at the center won’t maintain that rate of return, but its value is clear considering the number of events it hosts — including big local expos and fundraisers that rely on the center for success — and its role in more than $1 million in hotel occupancy taxes collected last year.


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