Dobson Board Looks to the Future

April 3, 2017

Beautification of the downtown area will remain a goal for the town throughout the course of the next year. On Wednesday the Dobson Board of Commissioners set goals for the next year at the town board’s annual planning retreat at Putters Patio and Grill. Another matter Smith urged the board to consider addressing is the capacity at the town’s wastewater treatment plant. At 350,000 gallons per day, the plant has plenty of capacity to serve the town and any new homes or small businesses which might sprout. However, Smith said if a large industrial user came to town, the plant would have a need for increased capacity. He would like to see the town put a plan for increasing capacity on paper. If a large business looks to Dobson as a place to locate its operations, the town can show it has a plan to serve it in place.


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