Downtown Belmont Continues Resurgence

May 11, 2018

Chad Hutcheson has been at ground zero of downtown Belmont’s resurgence for the past decade. The String Bean has become a celebrated restaurant, market and butcher shop that wins annual awards for its wine selection. Around the corner, 10 Catawba has served as an unique example of how a former auto dealership can be converted into a stylish venue for receptions and other special events. For his latest venture, Hutcheson has branched out a few miles south, where residential growth is finally surging on a long-untouched peninsula. With Seven Oaks Café, he hopes to create a new destination for farm-to-table cuisine in a more pastoral setting. “Belmont is growing, and it’s almost merging with Lake Wylie (South Carolina),” said Hutcheson. “With the amount of traffic and rooftops in this area now, and continuing to come, there’s a void of amenities like this in this area.”



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