Downtown Lincolnton First Federal Park Nears Completion

August 1, 2017

The idea to build a park in downtown Lincolnton started to pick up steam in 2015 and now, more than two years later, the city is putting the finishing touches on First Federal Park. Devin Rhyne, a former Lincolnton city councilman who resigned in December, spearheaded the effort when the city purchased the land where the old Carolina and North Western Railroad Freight Depot used to stand. “First Federal Park is something that I’ve hung my hat on and something that I got behind and took on as something of a personal project a number of years ago,” Rhyne told the Times-News upon the announcement of his resignation. “It’s not so much about the park itself, although that is important, but one of the things we heard from citizens that they most wanted was more green space, more park space and more places to be. To be able to make that downtown area more of a destination is extremely important in the development of downtown Lincolnton.”


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