Downtown Spruce Pine improvements continue

November 9, 2018

Another 200 feet of sidewalk has been poured along Oak Avenue, part of Spruce Pine Main Street’s ongoing efforts to promote a more connected and pedestrian-friendly town center. The new stretch will help link favorite spots as far east as the City Drive-In with the rest of downtown. The project is organized by Spruce Pine Main Street and funded by the Town of Spruce Pine. Members of the Spruce Pine Main Street Design and Beautification Committee expressed excitement at this past Month’s meeting about the potential for further expansion. For the long term, the committee envisions safe pedestrian access to the post office and other businesses beyond Ward Street, as well as a complete walkable loop between Oak Avenue, Locust Street and Riverside Park. “It’s all about making our downtown a welcoming place to spend time in,” said Beth Byerly, chair of the design and beautification committee. “Having people out and about on foot is key to everything we’re trying to do.”



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