Dssolvr, a brewery and more, renovates unit in historic downtown Asheville building

May 28, 2019

The 16-foot wooden doors at 63 N. Lexington Ave. have long remained shuttered, though that hasn’t hampered public interest in what lies behind.

That’s why, even though Dssolvr (pronounced “dissolver”), a brewery with down-the-road plans to create wine and mead, is completely overhauling the space, the doors will remain a part of the entryway.

“When we met with the planning board for this space, that was literally the first question they asked,” said Vince Tursi, Dssolvr co-founder and brewer. Tursi is also former head of brewing operations at Burial Beer Co. and former head brewer at Lord Hobo Brewing Company in Massachusetts. “There’s not a time when we visit this space when we don’t see someone either pulling on the doors or taking pictures in front of the doors, so there’s no way we’d ever do anything to get rid of those,” said Mike Semenac, co-owner and design guru.

Dssolvr’s home, the Tyler Building, was constructed in the ’20s as part of a construction push that also included the Grove Arcade, Asheville City Building and the Buncombe County Courthouse.


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