Dunn re-booting efforts to revitalize Main Street

October 19, 2018

An effort by Dunn Downtown Development Corporation to revitalize the downtown area has been restarted in hopes of making Downtown Dunn one of the go-to spots in the area. Representatives of the N.C. Main Street & Rural Planning Center, which is overseen by the Rural Economic Development Division, North Carolina Department of Commerce, presented information about the Downtown Associate Community program to business and property owners Wednesday morning at The Stewart Theatre. One of the newest members of city administration, Tasha McDowell, who serves a community planner for the city and is heading up the revitalization efforts for Dunn Downtown Development, said the meeting was the first step in bringing the city back into gear for making the downtown area great once again. She said the efforts of Main Street boosting can be seen in plenty of other communities. “A lot of municipalities in the state and throughout the country are participating in the rebirth,” she said. “It’s for the local history, that’s why I’m so proud of our museum and our efforts to preserve the historic aspects of downtown. They create jobs and entrepreneurial chances downtown.”



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