Edenton B&G Club raising $100K to help renovate Walker site

January 11, 2019

The Boys and Girls Club of Edenton is raising funds to match a $100,000 grant from the 4 Others Foundation to help the nonprofit renovate the former D.F. Walker school building. The foundation, run by the family of Edenton native Dr. John Phillips, gave the same type of grant to the Edenton Chowan Food Pantry last year. In 2016, Edenton Mayor Roland Vaughan, out of the blue, got a phone call from his childhood friend, Dr. John Phillips. During the conversation, Phillips shared with Vaughan that he wanted an opportunity to give back to Edenton, the community where they both grew up. He asked Vaughan to consider the idea and call him back with some ideas. When Vaughan called back, he offered several suggestions.



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