Garland OKs $1M Infrastructure Project

August 2, 2018

Town officials are moving forward with a water and sewer infrastructure project, with new consultants leading the way.

During a Thursday meeting, the Garland Board of Commissioners selected McDavid Associates, Inc. to handle engineering and administration work for a Community Development Block Grant for Infrastructure (CDBG) worth more than $1 million. Garland was previously notified by the North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure of the grant to be used for sewer line improvements.

Some of the details of the CDBG project includes replacing or fixing 6,200 linear feet of gravity sewer, large networks of underground pipes that move blackwater, greywater and, in many cases, stormwater from individual households to a treatment location. The purpose of the CDBG program is to improve the quality of life for residents with low to moderate income. With developments, the goal of officials is to provide a safe environment.


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