Gastonia Searching for ‘Specialist’ to Spur More Downtown Growth

August 14, 2017

The city of Gastonia has gone several years without having a definitive point person to focus exclusively on downtown growth. That will change in the coming weeks, when a newly hired “economic development specialist” will be handed the reins along the Main Avenue corridor. The part-time municipal employee, working a maximum of 30 hours per week, will be charged with coaxing along some tangible progress in the historic business district. For the dozen business owners who learned that during a recent meeting of the Downtown Gastonia Merchants Association, it was welcome news. “Everybody was in agreement it was a good thing and we all hope it will end up bringing some positive change for downtown,” said Byron Smith, the owner of Distinct Beat Car Audio on Oakland Street, who serves as co-chairman of the association. “You never know what will happen, but it all depends on who is in that position and how much of a go-getter they are.”


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