Goldsboro Town Hall Tackles Safety, City Projects and Roads

June 7, 2017

Residents attending a Goldsboro Council town hall meeting Tuesday got answers about city projects, street maintenance, safety and other issues. The meeting at New Hope United Methodist Church drew about 50 people. The event was hosted by District 2 Councilman Bill Broadaway and District 6 Councilman Gene Aycock in an effort to better communicate with residents of their districts. The meeting started with an overview of projects underway or planned during the next year, including development of a stormwater maintenance program and the repaving of city roadways. Residents were interested in learning which roads in the two districts were scheduled for repaving this year. A contract of nearly $2.5 million was recently signed that includes road resurfacing in every council district during the next several months. “I expect in July you’ll see the work, and in October, November they should be done,” said Scott Stevens, city manager. “I think it was a wonderful meeting,” said Billy Reeves. “I think the people got questions answered, and I think the city council agreed to do some things to support what the community needs.”


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