Graham’s $15.6M Oneida Mill Lofts Opens

September 27, 2017

Graham’s $15.6 million Oneida Mill Lofts renovation is complete, and low-income apartment hunters will be pleased with the prices. The renovation was funded by a combination of workforce housing credits, historic credits and mill credits — all sold to corporate investors to raise money — and tax exempt bonds through Citigroup. Tom Anderson, managing director of Cohen-Esrey Development Group, led a grand opening ceremony for the 133-unit complex at 219 W. Harden St., Graham, on Tuesday, Sept. 19. N.C. Reps. Steve Ross and Dennis Riddell, N.C. Sen. Rick Gunn and U.S. Rep. Mark Walker all touted the project’s positive impact. Ross says that impact is two-fold. “The beauty of this is two things: one, as you’ve heard mentioned, the low-income housing and what it’s going to do for the city of Graham, but I think the bigger thing is the preservation of history and what it’s going to do for the entire community here. … That’s why I have a passion for this, and that’s why I’m going to keep fighting for the historic tax credits in North Carolina,” Ross said.


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