Greensboro Landmarks Are Coming Back to Life

November 12, 2017

Light spilled onto a downtown sidewalk Nov. 2 from an unfamiliar source. The Cascade Saloon, boarded, vacant and crumbling for decades, came back to life. Voices joined in pleasant conversation filtered out of open windows and doorways overlooking South Elm Street. Occasional trains rumbled alongside on the railroad tracks that brought the building into existence in 1895 and almost spelled its doom more than a century later. In recent weeks, lights have also shone from the windows of the Julian Price mansion on Fisher Park Circle. Freed from its prison of vines, bushes and underbrush, Hillside is visible from the street again. On Oct. 29 and Nov. 9, people passing by could see it glowing on the crest of the hill, once again filled with people and laughter.


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