Group Ramps Up Effort for New Action Sports Park; City Part of Conversation

April 7, 2017

A grassroots organization called Greenville Advocates for Public Skateparks is advocating for the creation of a large-scale action sports complex in the city. It held its first public forum on the project Thursday night at Jaycee Park, the location of Greenville’s public skate park, to talk to residents about what they would like to see in a new complex. More than 60 people attended the forum, including Mayor Allen Thomas and officials from the Greenville Recreation and Parks Department. City officials at the meeting said they are in full support of the idea. Thomas said the complex would be a step in strengthening the creative class to Greenville. “Something I’ve tried to do is create more of a sense of purpose in this city to make people come here and live here and enjoy this community,” he said.




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