Historic Eureka Mill to be Transformed into City’s First Microbrewery

December 15, 2017

The process of converting the historic Eureka Manufacturing Company Cotton Mill into Lincolnton’s first microbrewery is now underway. Piedmont Companies, a commercial real estate development agency based in Lincolnton, assumed ownership of the mill from the Lincoln County Historical Association in January. Since then, the city has run sufficient water lines to the building to assure that any future occupant won’t be held up due to a lack of utilities. “The main benefit that I see is that this would create another destination spot for Lincolnton residents and people visiting the city,” Lincolnton Mayor Ed Hatley told the Times-News earlier this year. “This is an opportunity to save a historical site, while also turning it into something that would be beneficial to our residents and anyone interested in coming to Lincolnton.”



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