Hotel Concord Redevelopers Start Search for Commercial Tenants

April 10, 2017

Developers for Hotel Concord are ready to start pursuing commercial/retail tenants for the storefronts that are being developed as part of the hotel’s renovation program, spearheaded by Rehab Development. Located in the heart of historic downtown Concord and established in the early 1900s, the Hotel Concord is one of the area’s oldest historic hotels but over the years the upper floors have fallen into disrepair. Now, Rehab Development is looking to transform the hotel into a new destination for business. Young said Concord Downtown Development Corporation is currently taking “Requests for Proposals” for the Hotel Concord space. Concord Downtown Development Corporation is the organization that has worked with city and county officials to help lead the way for Rehab Development to renovate the Hotel Concord.


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