Kannapolis to Unveil 2030 Comprehensive Plan

November 21, 2017

Following extensive community outreach that included engaging with community members at events in downtown, Village Park, Cannon Blvd, Main Street and western parts of the city – the Move Kannapolis Forward 2030 Comprehensive Plan is ready for its unveiling. That public unveiling is set for Monday, Nov. 20 from 6-8 p.m. at The Laureate Center, located at 401 Laureate Way. The city is in the midst of transformation and revitalization. Redevelopment downtown is creating vibrant spaces for residents and visitors of all ages; new neighborhoods are breaking ground; transportation improvements provide more options for people to get around; valuable green space is being conserved and economic development initiatives are expanding opportunities for residents throughout the region. With growth on the horizon, the city is building off of these assets to expand opportunities for the citizens and make the city even more vibrant, green and inclusive.



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