Laurinburg enjoying downtown resurgence

August 6, 2019

Since joining the Main Street America program, there has been a resurgence for downtown Laurinburg.

Laurinburg After 5 can now be found downtown along with the FunD Run and the steady flow of events from the Storytelling Arts Center along with ‘Tis the Season creating new holiday season activities for downtown.

These events, along with others, have helped bring new shops, services and restaurants that are emerging downtown.

This resurgence of the downtown area is a result of a commitment from the city of Laurinburg, and the community’s acceptance into the Main Street America program. Additionally, as part of the Main Street America program, a group of volunteers have come together to form the Downtown Advisory Committee to help provide guidance and support to the city’s efforts to enhance the downtown area.

“Downtown is starting to buzz — we’ve had a plan we’ve been working on a lot of people are getting involved,” said Downtown Development Coordinator Daniel Walters. “Downtown is on the rise and we’re going to continue to revitalize and make it a hub for Laurinburg.”


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