Leveraging Global Transpark, former mayor calls for regional cooperation

August 24, 2018

Overall, Thomas said the park is as ready as ever to welcome more development by expanding business. He said one of the ways to ensure the continued success of not only the park, but of eastern North Carolina, is for all the involved municipalities, governments and stakeholders to realize their success relies on each other. “It’s time for us to get over all the type of small-minded thinking and understand that we need to work together as a region and leverage our assets,” he said. “I know you’re working on some of that right now and I encourage you to keep doing that.” At the end of the meeting during closing comments, Mayor P.J. Connelly said he agreed with Thomas about the need for greater collaboration and teamwork among cities and government in the region. “I want to echo the sentiments from earlier,” he said. “It’s important we have collaboration, and we understand that this a regional issue that we have. It’s not just Greenville-centric issue. We want to partner on every level with the county, the other municipalities and neighboring counties. That’s extremely important if we all want to be successful.”



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