Lotus Bakeries gets approval for Mebane expansion

September 20, 2018

The proposed expansion brings Lotus’s real property investment in the North Carolina Commerce Park up to $32.1 million from its original projected investment of $19.2 million – an amended increase of $12.9 million. Lotus’s personal property investment is increasing from $36.1 million to $40.6 million – an increase of $4.5 million. The new production facility in Mebane is Lotus’s first outside of its home region of Europe. The company, known largely in America for its Biscoff airline cookies, has a strong brand presence in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, and is currently experiencing tremendous growth in the United States. “It’s an excellent opportunity for growing the tax base in Mebane and Alamance County,” Alamance Chamber President Mac Williams said in introducing Lotus Technical Startup Manager Bart Vanterwyngen to Mebane’s elected leaders.



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