Main Street Roanoke Rapids Continues its Upswing

July 26, 2017

Another year has passed for Main Street Roanoke Rapids, bringing bigger numbers of new jobs, businesses, investments and more to the historic district. The revitalization organization saw 52 net new jobs, 20 new business openings, more than $4 million in private and more than $460,000 in public investments, saw 31 facade improvements with six building rehabs and two public improvements, saw 1,350 volunteer hours and held seven special events in the Main Street district. “The health of our uptown and downtown districts and historic Roanoke Rapids is a direct reflection on our city as a whole,” she said. “In today’s market, it can either be an asset or it can be a negative. People unfortunately judge a book by its cover, so whatever we can do to promote our sense of place and rebuild our center city, it’s going to benefit the community as a whole.” The local organization is partnered with the city of Roanoke Rapids, and it’s purpose is to alleviate the physical, economic and social deterioration and increase economic activity and employment within Historic Roanoke Rapids.


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