Manufacturer to Move Into Mount Olive Facility

January 26, 2018

“Bringing industry to existing buildings is something that we are always looking for,” Mayor Joe Scott said. “We are very fortunate when Mauricio decided to come to Mount Olive. It is the Wigginses who got him here. “We are excited they are coming here and establishing a manufacturing company. Also they have a wholesale business to do business here in the U.S. For Wayne County and Mount Olive, it is going to bring an industry that we haven’t had before. It is here by the industrial park, and we are always trying to promote the industrial park.” Scott said that he and Tiffany Creech, existing industry manager for Wayne County Development Alliance, have been working with the company to help find local leadership to help with the company that will manufacture the seating here. “We are so excited this company is opening up their first manufacturing plant here in the U.S., putting that facility back into full use and employing our workers,” Creech said. “They are a great company with big plans for the Mount Olive area.”



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