Mayor Forecasts Good Things For Benson

January 30, 2017

Benson Mayor William Massengill addressed the future of the town during the Benson Area Chamber of Commerce’s awards dinner. “Today clearly signifies what can be accomplished when private investors, local government and the local community work together,” the mayor said, referring to the ground breaking of a Hampton Inn and Suites along Interstate 95 earlier in the day. “Great things can happen for Benson.” After thanking the business leaders of the community, he briefly turned his attention to the residents themselves. “To each of you, the residents of Benson, you are the life of this town,” he said. “And you make it a special place to call home.” The mayor called the town strong in both the financial and commercial aspects. “Honestly, we’ve faced some tough times and some tough challenges and we’ve overcome every one of them,” the mayor said. “Those adversities have not only made us stronger, but they’ve made us wiser.” He called the state of the town strong, but said he wanted to strive for more. He emphasized for everyone to keep reaching for higher standards.


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