Mebane Community Park officially opens to public, pets

November 21, 2018

Park Supervisor Cy Allmond said to have it officially open to the public is “a relief.” “We’ve [wanted] this park to be open for quite a while now,” he said. “We’ve had enough traffic coming in and out of here, curious citizens wondering when it’s going to be finished, so I’m happy it’s open and I’m excited to see people out here using it already.” He arrived around 7 a.m. Monday and found residents using the walking track. As it grew warmer, people arrived with their dogs and some children christened the playground. He expects the soccer fields and splash pad to be the most popular features this summer when school lets out. City Manager David Cheek agreed. “The Mebane Community Park is a great addition to the city’s already impressive parks and recreation program,” Cheek wrote in an email exchange, Monday. “Our Mebane Youth Soccer, with its 1,000 participants, was in dire need of the two new synthetic fields and the splash pad and dog park are the first ever of that type of facility in Mebane.”



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