Mebane Holds Final Downtown Vision Plan Meeting

August 10, 2018

Dozens of residents and downtown business owners filled the Mebane Arts Center for one last chance to share their thoughts on the future of Mebane’s historic downtown district last Tuesday night. “This is the final public feedback meeting, but that does not mean that we’re near the end though,” explained Mebane Development Director Cy Stober. “This master plan is drafted and it is aspirational. It is guidance. It does not mean that every block will end up looking like that in the end… It’s a document of ideas, concepts we put on the ground based upon the feedback that has been received over this process.” In the fall of 2017, the Mebane City Council chose to create a vision plan for Mebane’s downtown historic district after being selected for a $50,000 grant by the state. Council members allotted additional funding to match the grant and set a one-year timeline to return a polished plan to state leaders. For the past six months, city leaders, in coordination with Allison Platt and Associates and representatives with the North Carolina Main Street Program, have held multiple public meetings as well as collected surveys to gauge residents’ opinions on potential improvements.



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