Mebane’s Downtown Vision Plan to Begin in October

September 29, 2017

This new downtown vision plan will focus on the historic district area spanning from the Lofts at White Furniture through to the new park development on 119 between the areas of Washington Street and Ruffin Street. The plan can be used to tackle a variety of items, including road improvements, property acquisition, architectural design and more. Meaning, items as small as planting trees to something as large as restructuring a building can be addressed in the new proposal. Stober also pointed out that other methods of funding are often easier to apply for once a plan is set in stone. “I want the downtown area to know that they are very vital to our plan for Mebane and we want to keep and sustain the downtown charm. It’s very dynamic and it’s very good for the citizens of Mebane,” said councilman Ed Hooks. “I want the downtown to know that we’re behind them, as we are in other parts of the city, and I think this is a great thing. The timing is perfect in terms of the grant. So let’s move forward!” Fellow councilmember Jill Auditori agreed, “I think downtown is a big part of what identifies Mebane, so I’m very excited to see this project moving forward.”


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