Mocksville Opens Main Street Park

January 26, 2018

Acting on a vision set by the town board, Abernethy said the park is one of many improvements to downtown, including new trees, sidewalks, water lines and traffic lights. “This is creating a gem of a downtown,” Abernethy said. “A community’s character is determined by its downtown.” Industries, he said, look for communities where workers would want to live, and downtowns play a vital role in that. “Let this park grow with us as we grow as a town.” After a prayer by Shane Nixon, Mayor Will Marklin said Mocksville is growing in the right way, with residents opening shops and restaurants and keeping the area alive. “There’s so many good things happening in downtown Mocksville. We want to be a part of that,” Marklin said. “It’s nice to come into Mocksville in the evening and you can’t find parking.”



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