‘Nicest Place I Ever Lived’

August 31, 2018

“It’s very up-and-coming,” Jodee says about the city, “and we wanted to be a part of that process, of Greensboro exploding on the scene but in a very good way.” They lived in Greensboro for a while, then moved to New York City. They were living in 700 square feet — a garden apartment, Jodee says — and loving it. “Then we decided it’s time for a two-bedroom or more.” Rehabbing a downtown building had long been their dream, and New York was out of their price range. So they started looking in North Carolina. “We thought we would pick Raleigh, where we went to school,” she says. “Instead, after coming back and seeing how Greensboro had been transformed in the eight to 10 years we had been gone, we were ready to put down roots here.”



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