Pink Hill Pushes for Tech Initiatives in Rural Areas

January 24, 2017

Members of the Pink Hill community recently formed a Pink Hill Tech Think Tank to figure out how to turn Pink Hill into a small town tech community. Susan Myers, Think Tank host, said the Think Tank is currently focused on three areas: utilizing the gigabyte technology available to transform the old Pink Hill School Media building into a Pink Hill Technology Center, obtaining regional high-speed broadband and facilitating a strategic plan for Pink Hill. Pink Hill already has gigabyte internet in two buildings downtown, including the CenturyLink building which is scalable up to 10 gigabytes. Because of this, Myers said the Pink Hill community is ideal to take the lead in providing high speed broadband internet service.“With gigabyte internet speed, sophisticated tasks can be performed from our technology center. In order to build downtown Pink Hill into a sustainable, walkable community, people need the ability to access high speed internet so that they can work and live in a small town,” Myers said.


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