Robbins Cleaning Up Site for Development Vision

May 3, 2017

Once all the debris is removed, Robbins Town Manager David Lambert hopes the site, which has gone untouched since the textile mill burned down in 2008, can be developed to accommodate businesses, parks and multi-family homes. Last year, Mayor Lonnie English told The Pilot he hopes to see grass growing on the debris-covered site in the near future. “We have made it a priority to get this mill cleaned up,” he said. The cleanup project, which is expected to continue through the rest of the week, is the latest sign that a new day is dawning in Robbins. Last month, the town unveiled a new logo and website as part of a rebranding project. The project will continue with a marketing campaign that Lambert hopes will attract new businesses to the town. “I believe that the community is beginning to catch the vision of what Robbins can be,” Lambert said in a recent interview with The Pilot. “The community is beginning to believe that change is possible.”


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