Signs With QR Codes Link to Videos About Reidsville Buildings

November 3, 2017

City leaders gathered on the sidewalk at the roundabout where South Scales meets Morehead Street on Tuesday, Oct. 10 for the unveiling of a new sign containing QR codes. “Today is the culmination of a long project… a few projects that got pulled together,” said Reidsville Assistant City Manager Chris Phillips. “We wanted to put a little color in downtown and get some directional signs for folks coming in to find their way around, and at the same time we’ve also been talking about preserving some of the history of our downtown,” he said. “We’re working on an oral history, thinking about our 150th anniversary that’s coming up soon.” The sign unveiled at the roundabout near the “Budding Future” sculpture, representative nearly a dozen within and outside of the downtown district, contain QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to view YouTube videos.



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