State Of The City Good in Dunn

August 24, 2018

“The City of Dunn is in the best financial position it’s been in a long time and I’ve been up here 19 years,” Mayor Harris said. The mayor pointed out two sewer line breaks hit the city hard this year, costing $700,000. The one at Clinton Avenue and Pope Road cost in excess of $523,000. Dunn City Manager Steve Neuschafer said it costs so much because a third of the city’s sewer travels through that pipe and an emergency pumper had to be brought in to keep the sewer water moving. Some of city’s biggest accomplishments, Mayor Harris said, was downtown development and refurbishing the campus of the old Harnett Training School into the Dunn Enrichment Center. It houses Central Carolina Community College classes and has senior apartments. It earns money and is repaying the city for its investment. Mayor Harris said most of the money to refurbish the center came from state and federal historic and housing tax credits. Tyler Park was completely renovated through a combination of grants, city money and private investments. The same will soon take place at Tart Park.



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