U.S. Rep. Meadows Tours Downtown Morganton, Local Businesses

May 15, 2017

Several local businesses in Downtown Morganton were in for a surprise when a local legislator walked through their doors. U.S. Rep . Mark Meadows (R- 11 ) was invited to take a tour of downtown Morganton with several city officials on Thursday afternoon to hear about the progress of certain projects and see products from local businesses. City Manager Sally Sandy talked with Meadows about each business and the importance of having small businesses. The Downtown Morganton Charette, an intense period of planning activity open to the public that is being held May 15-19, was also mentioned during the tour. The event is said to be an opportunity for the public to give input and provide ideas on the future of the city. “What excites me the most is every time when you see new businesses coming in it is a sign of growth and excitement,” Meadows said. “I get excited seeing all the new businesses.” He spoke with each business owner on different subjects such as when customer traffic was busiest and the specific products that they offered.


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