Wadesboro to Receive $1.7M for Water, Sewer Systems

August 10, 2018

The latest infusion of federal money will fund the replacement of about 7, 000 feet of existing water main with new lines, and the replacement and upgrading of two of the town’s existing sewer pump stations in order to better serve the sewer system and mitigate against any overflows that might occur, Town Manager David Edwards said. The effects for the town will be very positive, he said. The projects, once completed, will allow the town to save money on maintenance for the existing aging infrastructure and enable to focus town resources on other issues that may arise. “Historic downtown Wadesboro is one of the hidden gems of North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, and I take seriously my responsibility to represent and advocate for the citizens of Wadesboro,” Pittenger said. “These grants and loans will help ensure safe and clean drinking water, and hopefully the improved infrastructure will also lead to additional economic development opportunities.”


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