Wilkesboro Water Plant Maintains High Standards

October 4, 2017

Call stressed the vigilance of his staff in producing superior, pollutant-free water. They are tasked with processing over 5.2 million gallons of drinking water a day. “Our operators work 24/7 to exceed the water treatment criteria laid out for us by the EPA and to go above the regulatory standards,” said Call. “They get very little recognition for all their hard work. So, winning this award gives our operators the recognition they deserve for a job well done. I am proud and honored to work with them and of the work they do.” “If we ever need anything, all we have to do is call another department and we’ve got it. This award shows how dedicated we are, from the town manager to the council members on down to ensuring our drinking water is safe as it possibly can be. It’s as simple and complex as that,” he said.


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