Wilmington Riverfront Development Ahead

December 1, 2017

Ding dong, the deck is down. Demolition on the Water Street parking deck in downtown Wilmington is complete, with just some site work left to go. And the structure that will replace it could start to rise as soon as March, according to city officials. River Place, a $83.6 million, 13-story mixed-use development, is planned for the 200 block of North Water Street. City spokesman Dylan Lee wrote in an email that the official end date for deck demolition is Dec. 9. “At that point, the developer has up to 90 days to ask the city for a notice to proceed (with construction),” Lee wrote. “They could also ask for another 30-day extension if needed. Once the Notice to Proceed is granted by the city, the developer has 30 months to complete the project. So, bottom line — the construction phase is likely to begin in March.”



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